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About us  

About us

BeckyLeeLee and Becky work in China to serve the medical and developmental needs of abandoned and orphaned children. They are full time volunteers, working where there is need.

Hope Healing Home (2005-2007) - Lee as Volunteer Co-Ordinator and Becky as Kindergarten Teacher and Child Sponsorship program co-ordinator.

Blue Sky Healing Home (2007) - The set up of "Blossom House." They set up the unit, trained staff in basic child and healthcare, renovated to make a suitable home and put in place a childcare system of nannies so that bonds are built and individuals cared for. Blossom House was handed over to its staff to continue the work and practices in December 2007. We wish them well as they now continue the day to day workings.

Currently they are looking at a new opportunity of helping to set up a kindergarten for orphans in the Beijing Area.